Are you interested in starting a career as a music teacher? Many people love music and want to do something for work that is related to music. Teaching music is an excellent way to make a living but there are things you should know before you commit to becoming a music teacher. Keep reading to learn more about what it takes to be a music teacher and what you can expect to make.

Education Is Needed

Of course, you aren’t just going to get a job teaching music at a school if you don’t have the necessary education. You’re likely going to want to get at least a bachelor’s degree to teach at the high school level and you’ll also need to pass a teacher certification exam where you’re living. If you want to make the most money possible, then you should consider signing up for a master’s in music education program. This will allow you to get a better job and it’ll help you to earn more money.

Expected Salary

The salary that you can expect will vary quite a bit depending on where you live. Many states have different average salary amounts for teachers. If you average all of the data out to see what the median salary for a music teacher is, then you should expect to earn a bit under $47,000 per year. It’s also good to note that many music teachers earn money on the side by providing private lessons, leading marching bands, and leading orchestras.

You Can Continue to Pursue Your Musical Ambitions

A teaching job is certainly not going to be easy but it will allow you enough time to pursue your musical ambitions. In America, you can expect most middle school or high school teaching jobs to give you the entire summer off. This gives you plenty of time to play music and you might even be able to get paying gigs during the summer months. You could also pursue your musical career on the weekends during the school year.

Teaching Requires Passion

Don’t think that signing up as a music teacher is going to be an easy payday. Teaching kids is a difficult task and it can be tough to teach young adults how to play music too. You’re going to need to be passionate about both music and teaching to make this career worthwhile. If you think that this sounds as if it is something that you’re interested in, then you should look into pursuing the right education to make it happen.