Books To Read If You Love Music

If you’re looking for something special for the music lover, these books satisfy your desire to rock and read a great story.

  1. This Is Your Brain on Music by Daniel J. Levitin

In this ground-breaking collaboration between science and art, neuroscientist Daniel Levitin explores how music affects our brains. He talks about the various factors that influence our enjoyment of music.

  1. Absolutely on Music by Haruki Murakami and Seiji Ozawa

In this book, Japanese authors Haruki Murakami and Seiji Ozawa discuss their passion for music. Through conversations, they discuss the various works that have influenced their lives, such as Beethoven, Leonard Bernstein, and Glenn Gould. This is an unprecedented look into the minds of these two great musicians.

  1. Major Labels by Kelefa Sanneh

The history of popular music has been thoroughly analyzed in this book, which looks at the various genres that have dominated the industry over the past half-century. It features such favorites as rock, pop, country, punk, and hip-hop.

  1. The Beautiful Ones by Prince

This book is a tribute to Prince, one of the most talented and influential artists of all time. It features never-before-available photos, as well as his extensive personal archive. It also includes a memoir that he started writing before his death. This book is an original and uplifting literary work that showcases his vision and ideas.

  1. How Music Works by David Byrne

In How Music Works, David Byrne explores the various facets of the musical form, from its origins to the influences that have shaped it. Through his extensive research, he reveals new and exciting discoveries about the liberating power of music.

  1. Songwriting Without Boundaries by Pat Pattison

One of the most important factors people need to consider when writing great song lyrics is discipline and practice. This book features 150 fun writing exercises to help them develop their skills.

  1. Contact High by Vikki Tobak

In Contact High, readers are invited to take a journey through the history of hip-hop from its early days to the present. It features rare outtakes from over a hundred photoshoots and interviews with industry legends. This book is a must-have for anyone interested in learning more about the people who helped shape the iconic album covers and posters.