There are many people out there who are interested in pursuing careers as music teachers. Some of them think about music teaching jobs in very narrow terms and just assume that they’ll wind up teaching music at a high school. There are actually several different music teacher jobs to consider. Read on to take a look at the different types of music teacher jobs that are out there.

Teaching at Schools

Teaching at a school is likely what you’re expecting out of a music teaching career. There are many different types of teaching opportunities, though. Some people teach at primary schools and others teach at middle schools. You could teach music at a high school or you could take things further and teach at the university level.

Teaching younger kids will require the unique talent of being able to relate to children so that you can teach them effectively. If you want to teach at the university level, then you’ll need to pursue a higher degree than usual and will almost certainly need a Ph.D. in music education. Teaching at a university is likely going to be the most lucrative type of teaching job that you will find unless you’re talking about teaching at a specific music academy. Some music academy teaching jobs are very prestigious and will pay very well.

Becoming a Private Tutor

Another type of music teaching job that you should be aware of is private tutoring. You could become a private music tutor that will help people to get better at playing specific instruments. Many people who teach at schools take on private tutoring work on the side. This can be an excellent way to make extra money and many fine musicians turn music tutoring into a full-blown career.

Creating Video Lessons

It’s also possible to monetize your music teaching abilities by creating video lessons. Some people have been able to do this by creating beginner-friendly music lessons and putting them up on YouTube or other similar video streaming sites. You could charge people for your video lessons directly as well. If you have the time and the creativity to create video lessons, then it could be another music teaching job opportunity for you to look into.