We hear all the time about how important communication can be in the business world. Leaders are constantly refining their tactics to improve communication between themselves and their teams. To say that communication is crucial would be an understatement.

So, how can you be more effective as a communicator as an entrepreneur? Here are a few helpful tips that can really make a difference both in the way that you communicate but also with the impact that said communication can have on your business.

Build Positive Relationships

Without a doubt, the best leaders excel at communicating because they have a clear and concise message and they create a positive relationship between themselves and their team. It all comes down to respect and if the team does not have it for you, there is no hope for proper communication.

That does not necessarily mean coddling employees or being overly nice. It means communicating expectations clearly. It means taking accountability. It means being transparent where the situation calls for it.

Be Clear with Expectations

Far too often, leaders will be somewhat vague about their expectations. When employees are not 100% clear on what is expected of them, there is room for interpretation. Interpretation can lead to failure or success, but typically the former.

Be up front and concise about what you expect. Lay out goals clearly. Field questions from the team if there is still uncertainty. When the team knows precisely what they are striving for, communication becomes clearer and there are fewer hiccups.

Be Accountable

Another major issue facing leaders in business is that they pass the blame to everyone but themselves. But here’s the thing: being wrong from time to time does not make you bad at your job. If anything, it makes you human and that is what the team needs to see from time to time.

Own up to mistakes and be accountable. Show that you want to be better and the team will follow. Leaders who never hold themselves accountable lose respect from their peers quickly.