Marching band members learn more than synchronized marching routines and trombone arrangements. Throughout their rehearsals and performances, marching band helps members learn valuable life skills. They leave the band with the skills they need to build community and lead others.

Marching Band Strengthens Teamwork

Students in a marching band cannot sit back and wait for instructions from their bandleaders. Instead, they have to work out problems themselves. Many marching bands work out their routines and teach new members by practicing instead of sitting down and taking notes. Players learn innovative problem-solving skills as they learn from their mistakes and keep up with fast-paced practices.

Marching band is an activity that revolves around unity. Students must play in unison, march in unison, and even stop in unison. Together, they perform breathtaking routines. By learning to form a cohesive unit, students on a marching band become better communicators and learn to rely on each other.

Finding Community in Unexpected Places

Joining marching band, an activity that requires great precision and a sense of humor, helps members learn that they can find community anywhere. As a reward for choosing an unconventional extracurricular, marching band members enter a tight-knit community of marchers and former band members.

Students on marching bands learn how to build a community for themselves. Marching bands can have hundreds of members, but few of these members get lost in the crowd. Instead, they form smaller groups that support each other and build friendships.

Marching Band Offers Plenty of Leadership Opportunities

Athletes may jockey for the position of captain, and drama club members compete against each other for the starring role. However, marching bands offer many leadership opportunities for all of their members. Members can be section leaders, drum majors, and even assistant directors. Even members who do not have a formal position develop leadership skills by teaching younger students.

Marching bands provide entertainment and music for their audience, but the members reap many of the benefits themselves. The leadership and community-building skills they learn in marching bands will last a lifetime.