While there is a goal shared by many to branch out and be the boss, to make the lion’s share of the money, it is a path littered with failure. Being an employee is not a bad thing; there is plenty of room for growth and success.

But how do you truly thrive and be successful at work? How do you avoid blending in with the crowd and becoming just another name and number? Here are a few helpful tips.

Take Charge

No one is going to come along and hand you an opportunity. No one is going to push you up the ladder without good reason. Those who don’t take risks are never going to advance up the corporate ladder.

Look for projects, create ideas and solutions, and look for ways to create opportunities within the business. The most successful employees are the ones looking to grow both themselves and the business.

Constantly Learning

Another trait of truly successful employees is that they know there is never a time when we know everything. Those successful employees are constantly learning and growing, developing and evolving from where they began.

Every business has learning and growth moments. Great employees recognize where they could grow and learn, taking advantage of those situations at every turn. If you think you know it all, strive to learn more because you could undoubtedly stand to learn a thing or two.

Set Goals

Far too many employees are simply happy to skate by with a consistent paycheck. For some, that is enough security to be considered successful. But those looking for a bigger or better position want to not only take initiative but set goals for themselves and the business.

Start by setting small yet attainable goals. Build up and up as you go, making goals loftier and loftier as you go. By having something to work for, you give yourself the motivation necessary to not only achieve those goals but to move up the ladder with a greater level of consistency.