A good business leader doesn’t just care about the bottom line. They should also care about their employees’ wellness by taking steps such as those listed below.

  1. Communication Is Key

It’s a cliché about tragedies at this point that people always wish they “could’ve done something differently,” with a common lament being that they didn’t “talk to them.” Hopefully nothing tragic happens to any members of your company, but that preventative ethos remains the same. Communicate with your team members, and when in doubt, communicate more rather than less. While you don’t want to break down any personal boundaries, you’d rather be over-informed as to your employees’ mental state than caught by surprise by a preventable tragedy.

  1. Keep Your Team in the Loop

Nothing drives employee apathy like feeling like their voices don’t matter. Make sure you keep your teams in the loop on decisions and ensure that they know their input matters and is valued.

  1. Lead by Example

You’re the leader, so you should expect many, if not all, of your employees to follow your lead. If you drive home a message of personal responsibility but are constantly late to meetings or constantly let your personal life bleed into the workplace, your employees will do the same. On the flip side, if you tell your employees to take breaks but you’re a workaholic yourself, they may feel they have to model you or else be labeled as “lazy.” Set the example you want your company to follow and stick by it.

  1. Promote Company Wellness on Site

A great way to combine all three of the aforementioned points is to install a wellness center in your company. A tennis or volleyball court, a yoga studio, a gym – some kind of physical wellness center can be a great place for you to communicate with your employees between work sessions, set a good example yourself, and check in with them in a noncorporate space to ensure they’re in a good place mentally and physically.

By following these steps, you can step up for your employees and ensure their well-being is where it needs to be for them to live a healthy and happy life while helping the productivity of your company.