High school students have many options when it comes to choosing an extracurricular activity. For band directors who want to identify and recruit talented musicians, there are a few steps almost anyone can take to achieve the best results possible.

Be Proactive

Communication is key when expressing the possibility of joining a high school band. This likely includes reaching out to middle schools in the same district to find out which students already have an interest in playing an instrument upon reaching the higher grades. Many band directors set a date each year when students can apply and perform. Coordinating this date with the deadline for selecting high school courses will keep the band at the front of students’ minds upon making their decisions.

Be Open and Honest

High school bands frequently perform during the recruitment period, which gives prospective members an idea of what they can expect if they choose to join. After these performances, a band director and other leaders should open up the floor for questions. During this period, it is important to stress the benefits of being a part of the ensemble while also offering important details regarding what students can expect.

Be Organized

Maintaining adequate records regarding prospects can help a band director pinpoint what areas need the most attention. It is also important to craft a compelling case for joining the band, which might include arranging a composition filled with upbeat and entertaining songs for the performance. Just as athletic recruiters make sure to put their best foot forward when reaching out to players, an effective band director will know how to sell the benefits of that program when seeking to recruit new members.

Be Strategic

It is not enough to simply convince aspiring musicians to sign up for the high school band. There should also be a plan in place to make it a fun and rewarding experience upon joining the program. This might include trips, rewards, and other incentives. Even music programs without a large budget can find intriguing and creative ways to keep band members interested and active throughout their high school years.