Being a music teacher is something that you have always dreamed about. You have finally finished getting your degree and you’re about to start off on your new career. It’s normal to be a bit nervous because you want to do the best job that you can. Take the time to look at the following seven things that all new music teachers should know so that you can feel more confident going into your new job. 

  1. Managing Time Is Important

Managing time might be more difficult than you would assume. It might be easy to get through your classes way too fast without feeling like you ever have enough time to teach everything that you wanted to. Try to keep track of time so that you can teach kids efficiently. You should try to divide your time so that all students are receiving proper attention. 

  1. Sometimes the Job Will Be Frustrating

Teaching kids will always have the potential to be frustrating. It might be tough to have to hear that kids didn’t do their homework or that they haven’t been practicing. You have to learn how to be stern without making your students dislike you. 

  1. Ask Other Teachers for Help

Sometimes you might need a helping hand while you’re learning the ropes. Your new colleagues should be more than happy to provide assistance. Ask other teachers for advice and they’ll likely have a lot of knowledge that they can pass on to you. 

  1. Empathy Is Crucial

It has been a long time since you were learning how to play music for the first time. Try to remember how tough it was when you were just starting out and it’ll be easier to empathize with the kids. Remember that most kids aren’t going to be musical geniuses and that it’ll take a long time to learn. 

  1. Be Observant

Being observant will allow you to recognize the various problems that students are facing. You might notice that some kids are struggling with certain notes or that a child’s attitude has suddenly changed. Your observational skills might allow you to help them work through problems and you can try to give extra attention to kids who might be struggling. 

  1. Teaching Requires Learning

Teaching isn’t easy and you’re always going to keep learning. Every year you’ll be presented with new students and they will likely provide you with a unique set of challenges. Sometimes it’s going to be tough to keep learning, but you have to keep moving forward while being proud of the good work that you’re doing. 

  1. The Love of Music 

At the end of the day, it’s really all about the love of music. Try to keep your love of music alive and keep challenging yourself as a musician. This will help you to stay engaged with the process and your passion can help to get kids more interested in music, too.