With so many activities and extracurriculars, students often neglect marching band. Many parents and students are unaware of the opportunities that marching bands have to offer. From strengthening crucial life skills to life-changing chances to travel, marching bands provide plenty of benefits to their members.

Marching Band Strengthens Valuable Skills

Students who participate in marching band learn skills that help them develop into well-rounded adults. Attending long practices and competitions where they have to perform to the highest standard, teaches students dedication and discipline. Students also learn how to handle responsibilities and multiple commitments, which will be helpful in the workplace.

Students in marching bands also build physical strength. Performing while carrying heavy instruments and wearing stuffy uniforms is just as intensive a workout as many sports. Marching band performers are kings and queens of cardio.

Marching Band Broadens Horizons

Many students find opportunities through marching band that they would not have access to otherwise. Thanks to their band, they travel for performances and competitions, sometimes all over the country. Through competitions, they meet people from all over the country and learn how to be gracious winners and losers. Sometimes marching band even leads to scholarship opportunities.

Marching band is especially valuable for students who may not get the opportunity to travel and network otherwise. Bands help students who do not have the money or were not aware of these opportunities to discover life outside of their hometowns.

Marching Band Is for Everyone

Marching band provides the same opportunities for students of all abilities and interests. Whether a student is a passionate musician or a dancer interested in joining the color guard, they will find a place in a marching band. Marching band is inclusive of students with disabilities or special needs because everyone deserves to participate in music-making.

Marching band provides opportunities and skills development for all students who express creative passion. Band members will never forget the valuable skills they learned or the experience of playing music with their friends for a cheering crowd.