These days, it can be all too simple for kids to get caught up in their screens. Whether it’s video games, YouTube, or binge watching their favorite shows, getting them to do anything else can be a difficult task. That’s why if your child has shown interest in wanting to play an instrument, you should encourage them to do so. If you’re not sure what instrument to start with, keep reading. 

  1. Piano 

Piano is a gateway to learning how to play other instruments. It’s a great place to start due to the fact that it’s pretty straightforward and includes all the elements of music. Aside from that, learning to play the piano only takes a few weeks, provided your child puts in the time to learn.

  1. Guitar

This is another popular instrument with kids. Guitars come in all shapes and sizes, so finding the right one for your child is easier than you might think. Learning the guitar is also a great way for kids to learn the basics of music and is a great foundation to start on for those looking to continue their musical journey. 

  1. Ukulele

Much like the guitar, a ukulele is quite simple to pick up. So much so that your child could be playing some familiar songs in no time at all. The size of a ukulele is also perfect for small children who may have a hard time holding onto larger instruments. 

  1. Drums 

Some parents may be hesitant to buy their kid a set of drums due to the noise factor, but the truth is drums are a great way to teach your kids about rhythm. In fact, your child won’t have to know about things such as harmony or other aspects of music theory since the only thing they really need to focus on is the rhythm. Everything else falls into place around them. 

As far as the noise goes, you can always purchase an electric drum kit that tends to be a bit quieter than a traditional drum set.