When faced with budget cuts, many schools cut musical education programs first. Administrators believe that the school should spend money and time on more important subjects. However, music is crucial for student development and should be a part of every school’s curriculum.

Learning Music Helps with Other Subjects

When they study music, students learn how to memorize songs, develop a strong work ethic, and recognize patterns. These skills help them succeed in other subjects, such as memorizing vocabulary lists for English class or adapting numerical reasoning in math.

The benefit of music on a child’s success in other subjects is scientifically proven. Children who learn about music during early childhood have more developed brains, especially in parts dedicated to language. Older students who play music score higher on the SAT.

Music Teaches Skills That Are Neglected in Other Classes

Music helps students develop “soft” skills that are important to their success. By playing and listening to music, students learn how to be creative, use their emotional intelligence, and strengthen their imagination. These skills are useful in the workplace, especially in creative fields. They also help children adjust to society.

Many students don’t have the opportunity to use their creativity or imagination in other subjects that tend to be more structured. Musical education helps them become well-rounded individuals.

Music Helps Students Love School

Kids learn better when they are engaged. When students have the opportunity to study a subject they love, they are more likely to work hard in other classes. By giving them a reason to come in and work hard, music classes help students stay in school.

Schools should be places where students learn how to explore their interests with intellectual curiosity and prepare for lives as well-rounded, fulfilled adults. They will only achieve those goals if they have access to classes that engage all of their skills, such as music. Instead of being the first to go when schools need to restructure a curriculum, music classes should be a priority for educators.