Top Music Podcasts For Music Lovers

People who love music also look for band t-shirts and record collections. They want music content to be played in their ears at all times of the day. That’s why music podcasts are the best thing around. They feature various music-related topics, including talk about music history and general chit-chat. 

They’re not just suitable for playing great soundtracks; they also take deep dives into the history of music. For instance, they can explore the details of The Beatles’ rise to fame and learn everything about Hamilton. Music podcasts are the best option whether you’re a musical theatre nerd or prefer to pump house music. They’re great for listening to while on the train or during your morning jog.

  1. Lost Notes

The excellent music podcasts from US station KCRW aim to bring you the greatest stories that have never been told. Each season they have a different theme, and each host is relatively wide-ranging. There’s a heavy emphasis on the rise of alternative and independent music, as well as the 1980s.

 The show’s tone and even intent can vary from season to season. One of the most popular shows in 2021 is Bent By Nature, hosted by LA DJ Deirdre O’Donoghue, an underground LA DJ. It features a wide range of guests, including Henry Rollins and Michael Stipe.

  1. Dissect

If you’re a music lover into serious nerdery, Dissect is for you. Rather than having a single episode dedicated to a particular album, the show dedicates entire seasons to various genres. Cole Cuchna covers a wide range of topics, including modern hip-hop. He also gets into the details of the lyrics and samples of some of the most popular songs of the past decade. A knowledgeable man makes the show; you’ll feel included if he only covers two albums per year.

  1. Song Exploder

The great-grandfather of the music podcast, Song Exploder, is an immaculate show that discusses the week’s best songs. It’s hosted by Hrishikesh Hiraway and is known for showcasing the work of the individuals who wrote the songs. The episodes are fairly thorough, and they don’t descend into a lot of nerdery. They also have a good balance of oldies and modern tracks, making them an excellent way to explore new music.

  1. Desert Island Discs

Many of the guests on the BBC’s long-running concept show Desert Island Discs need better taste in music. The show started in 1948 as pop music was still in its infancy. It’s also good that it’s lasted this long, as it allows you to get to know the individuals on the show. Listening to their picks will make you feel like you know them even though you might not like the songs they choose. During the ’40s, the BBC had many archived programs on its various podcast channels.