There are several reasons that a business might schedule team-building retreats on a regular basis. Factors such as COVID-19, however, have led to the increased popularity of virtual retreats. Anyone interested in finding the right activity can consider some of the popular ideas listed below.

Collaborate on a Video

Individuals or small teams can coordinate a special message to share with the entire organization and make a short video. This can spark a renewed focus on teamwork, creativity, and innovation while resulting in footage that can be compiled for a one-of-a-kind advertisement or promotional video.

Stage a Trivia Night

Almost everyone enjoys trivia-based game shows, but a creative virtual retreat can put a new twist on the familiar format. It might be that the questions are related to the company or organization. There might be an opportunity to answer questions about colleagues or major projects. Whatever the ultimate direction happens to be, it is important to keep things light and inclusive. 

Plan a Virtual Puzzle

There are many ways that complex puzzle-based games can be enjoyable even remotely. Among the most popular options is an escape room, which requires teams to solve complex problems to advance and escape the virtual room. A virtual murder mystery could also be a unique way to include everyone in on the mock investigation.

Share Some Good News

When faced with uncertainty and isolation, hearing a bit of encouragement or good news can be a breath of fresh air. For this virtual retreat, individuals can submit short videos that showcase an act of kindness or just something cute from their own lives that might make everyone share a laugh. The final product could be presented in a news format or just as a fun series of clips for the entire team to enjoy together.

A little bit of foresight can go a long way when planning a virtual retreat for any organization. Fortunately, there are several compelling options available that can help teams of all types establish bonds and use the unique talents of individuals to accomplish a common goal.