If you’ve ever felt stressed out at work, you’re not alone. In fact, nearly 40% of Americans have reported feeling overwhelmingly stressed out while at work. Unfortunately, stress can have a negative effect on your health – both mentally and physically. If you’re not in a place to find a new job or know that dealing with stress is simply part of the job, your best solution would be to learn how to cope with stress at work in a healthy way.  

Try to Go in with a Positive Mentality

One way to avoid feeling stressed out at work first thing is to try and start your day off right. Try to plan ahead the night before if you can so you avoid feeling rushed in the morning. This can include having your lunch prepared, setting aside ingredients for a quick and healthy breakfast, and making sure your tank is full. 

Be Clear on Your Expectations

Not all jobs will sit down with you and tell you what exactly is expected of you. This in turn, can result in you scrambling to try to get several things done at once, which can result in feeling burnt out. To prevent this, sit down with your boss and ask them to go over their expectations for you as well as make clear what exactly your requirements are. 

Steer Clear of Conflict 

While making friends with co-workers is fine, try not to get wrapped up in any office gossip. Doing so will only cause more stress on you and escaping it may be more difficult than one might think. 

Be sure to keep any opinions on religion and politics to yourself as this tends to ignite conflict more often than not. 

Organization Is Key 

Another great way to keep your stress levels low is to stay organized. Declutter your desk, file things in order, and jot down any important dates you may need to remember. You’ll be shocked at how much easier this makes your life.