Businesses of all sizes and in every industry are looking for new ways to make employees, clients, and customers feel included. Building such a diverse corporate identity might mean different things depending on the type of company, but there are a few general characteristics that signal inclusivity in the workplace.

Offering Remote Work Options

As the pandemic taught workers around the world, many jobs can be performed effectively and efficiently from home. Companies with an emphasis on diversity likely offer a wide range of options to employees based on their preferred workplace.

Giving Everyone a Voice

A range of programs and campaigns have addressed the need for everyone involved in a business to express themselves as they see fit. Inclusive workplaces prioritize adopting and implementing the type of environment where all voices matter, regardless of gender identity, race, age, disability, or any other factor.

Reflecting the Population

When one thinks about diversity, it might be easy to picture individuals from every walk of life. Even some ostensibly inclusive startups, however, can easily omit older generations. A truly diverse business would emphasize recruiting all ages for a multigenerational staff.

Addressing Unconscious Bias

Even the most open-minded employees might have some deeply ingrained biases about others for any number of complex reasons. When a business focuses on being inclusive, managers and executives should look for ways to allow workers to identify and address their unconscious biases in a non-judgmental and constructive manner.

Advocating for Mental Health Care

Some types of diversity might not be apparent at first sight, but it is important for any inclusive workplace to give employees the tools and resources needed to address any mental and emotional issues that might be holding them back.

Whether a company decides to hire an outside firm to develop an inclusivity program or dedicate in-house resources for the task, it is an important issue to consider in today’s business climate. Beyond simply paying lip service to oppressed or underrepresented individuals, true diversity means that individuals from all walks of life can work together toward a common goal.